11 Year-Old Saves For 4 Months To Buy His Dad a Christmas Present

The father, called Mike, is handed a huge box wrapped in Christmas paper and appears suspicious at first as son Mason grins beside him.

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Emotional dad gets all choked up when he opens a pricey Christmas gift paid for with his 11-year-old son’s birthday money.
He tears it open to find a box bearing pictures of pots and pans, prompting a relative to quip: “It’s a new saucepan!”. Inside is yet another box, securely taped up, and there are calls of: “That’s a freaking lot of duct tape!” before the dad gets to the real present.
It turns out that the doting lad has splashed all his cash on a PS4 games console, worth around £250. A voice says: “Mike, just so you know, he saved up all his money to buy you this, every single penny. “That’s why he asked for money for his birthday, so he could buy you this”.

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