14-Year-Old Girl Gets Deliberately Run Over By A Car During An All-Out School Brawl

This shaky footage shows multiple students engaged in an all out brawl, which eventually spilled out onto the nearby road. But the outcome of this fight is horrifying.

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Just when the fight was about to calm down, DeBreanna Hunter was deliberately ran over by a silver car.

Car Runs Over Girl

Her body can be seen getting rolled over by the car’s wheels, as the driver then quickly pulls away, leaving the poor girl for dead.

Girl Trampled By Car

Nobody really knows if DeBreanna was even a part of the fight, or if she was just an innocent bystander standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

School Fight
Her body can be seen rolling under the car’s wheels, as the driver pulls away, leaving her for dead.

Whoever that driver was, he deserves to be in jail.

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