4-Year-Old Flower Girl Explains How a Wedding Works to Her ‘Clueless’ Dad in This Endearing Video

Traditional wedding ceremonies can be quite a circus. It can turn into a fun, albeit stressful environment for those involved in the rituals. To keep everything running smoothly, organizers are often tasked to prompt the whole party to what they’re supposed to do, while everybody’s expected to observe the right etiquette. Good thing this little girl know what’s up, so she tries to explain how things should be done to her daddy.

4-year-old JoJo Lomelino was tasked to be the flower girl for an upcoming wedding, so she schools her dad to how weddings work and what not to do during the ceremonies.

Can't Call Name

The funny thing is JoJo’s dad is a pastor and has officiated quite a few weddings during his time as a minister.

Flower Girl

But it seems he had to pick up a few things from JoJo to make sure he’s in his best behavior.

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