62-Year-Old Tries MMA for the First Time, Knocks His Opponent Down With a Spinning Backfist

When it comes to professional sports, victory always favors the younger, more able athletes. They are faster and stronger than their older counterparts. This rings especially true when it comes to mixed martial arts, but sometimes the unthinkable happens.

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When 62-year-old Beret Wayne Smallwood decided to get into mixed martial arts fighting, you would think it’s just a waste of time. But the former Green Beret is tough as nails when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

Oldie MMA

During his debut fight against a much younger Weeg Hewson, Smallwood looked obviously mismatched. But despite being the heavy underdog, he was able to deliver a devastating spinning backfist that connected with Hewson’s head, sending him down to the canvas.


The man still has some fight left in him.

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