98-Year-Old’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s 98 Is Delightfully Profane

Dad thinks he’s 79. Who’s gonna tell him the truth? No-one likes to admit how old they’re getting, because at heart we’re all always 18, right? But this one man simply couldn’t believe he was the age he was. In fact, he was so shocked to discover that he was 98, he couldn’t contain himself from swearing about that fact.



When his son, who was filming the video, initially asked his dad how old he thought he was, the man in question said he thought he was 79. He just simply couldn’t believe he was two decades older than that.


98-Year-Old's Reaction To Finding Out He's 98 Is Delightfully Profane


After his first guess, he jumps forwards 10 years to 89, and seems utterly bemused that he’s still a way off.

“89?!” he says with a mixture of surprise and bemusement. “Higher than that?!”


Man Can't Believe He's Actually 98 Years Old


As he counts year by year through the 90s, the sense of disbelief in his voice grows with each number. And when he finally reaches his actual age of 98, which his son confirms, that’s when the potty mouth comes into full play.

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