A Nice Haircut from the Barber Known as ‘Slap Bae’ Is Perfect If You’re Looking for That Extra ‘Oomph’

If you’re tired to get another haircut from your boring barber, you might want to pay this one a visit.

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Getting a new haircut means sitting patiently on a chair as the barber works his magic with his scissors. This sometimes include a nice conversation and an exchange of banter, and if you’re lucky, a short facial massage. But if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Slap Bae has got you.

Powder Salt

This funny clip features the barber known as ‘Slap Bae’ in action as he delivers his services with extra slaps in between. He even unnecessarily pours powder like the famous steak chef ‘Salt Bae’ and slaps you with it as a special bonus.

Slap Bae

Best barber shop service ever?

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