A Quiet Street Turns Into A War Zone After Rivaling Gangs Erupt In Massive Brawl

A street turns into a complete war zone after gangs erupt in violence.

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The clip starts off with two men wearing track suits squaring off against each other. One of them says, “look at the state of you” before lunging towards the other, hitting him with a vicious punch to the face.

Two Men Square Off

The blow sparks a wild brawl as other onlookers rush over to join in. Another male can be heard yelling, “right ya f ** bam, let’s do this then ya dafties” as he sprints after rival gang members while wildly swinging a bat.

Man Caryying A Bat Join In

The video ends with around 10 men spread out across the street facing rival gang members.

Around 10 Men Brawl In Rival Gang War

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