Amazing Doctor Injects Baby Without Letting Him Cry

It’s usually tough to give babies vaccination shots, with parents having a really tough time calming them down. Even before the shots are administered, the babies know whats going to happen, and this is when they really act up. They’re just really scared of needle pain. Frequently, they have to be restrained. But then, a doctor like this just happens to be this lucky baby’s doctor.

Meet Dr. Michael Darden. He attempts to administer a shot to this cutie in the most amazing way possible: getting him distracted. See, he’s all smiles even after seeing those syringes.

Baby Smile


Dr. Darden is up to his tricks in distracting our little boy here. He plays with him with the needles to make him feel comfortable with them around. And without him realizing it, he gets his shot. Twice.



Dr. Darden is not just a fantastic doctor, but a kid wizard too to pull this one off.

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