Amazing moment doctors carry out heart surgery as a massive earthquake hits their hospital

Shocking footage showing surgeons carrying out open-heart surgery when their hospital is suddenly hit by an earthquake has emerged. The doctors in the Mexico City hospital paused the life-saving procedure as the operating room began to shake.


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Incredible video shows the medical team struggling to stay calm as the room tremors around them. It is thought to have been recorded during the devastating earthquake which hit on September 19, leaving some 300 people dead.

Screaming can be heard in the background of the footage, as well as shouts of, “It’s shaking, it’s shaking”. The video was filmed on a camera attached to one of the doctor’s heads.


The doctors were forced to pause the life-saving procedure when the quake hit


In the footage, a patient can be seen lying on the operating table with his heart exposed. Surgeons can be heard discussing the operation and talking about sewing the patient up. Then the earthquake strikes forcing them to pause the procedure with the patient’s chest still wide open.

The lead surgeon says: “Calm down, area protected, calm down.” The earthquake gets stronger but still the brave surgeon continues to encourage his colleagues to keep their heads.


Incredible video shows the medical team struggling to stay calm


He touches the patient, as the light cuts out before flickering back on.

When the earthquake, which registered at 7.1 on the moment magnitude scale, seems to have finished the doctors continue the operation.

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