An Amazing First-Person View Of A Firefighter’s Daring Attempt To Extinguish A Blaze

The intense video, captured with a GoPro camera, shows what it’s really like to tackle a blazing inferno in the shoes of those fighting to save lives of others.

The video, released by San Bernardino County Fire Department, follows one firefighter’s perspective as he heads to the emergency in a firetruck.
First-Persom Firefighter View

He climbs onto the top of the building, wielding a chainsaw to cut open the tiles. This is a technique used to allow the smoke trapped inside the building to escape.
Firefighter GoPro Shot Extinguishing Building Fire

As the fire rampaged on, the crew fought to distinguish the intense flames. It took five engines, one truck company and a battalion chief to tackle extreme blaze.
Firefighter GoPro Shot

Now we know what it feels like to be a firefighter, minus the life-threatening aspect of it.

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