Angry Sheep Rams Border Collie After Intense Stare-Down On Irish Farm

This sheep had clearly had enough of being hounded when it decided to headbutt a sheepdog. The angry sheep defied orders and charged at the Border Collie as the dog lies prone on the floor, gesturing as if it were to pounce at the mammal. After receiving a battering from the woolly attacker, brave sheepdog Jim can be seen fighting back and nipping him on the nose and rounding him back up.





Jim, a fifth-generation border collie, then manages to force the sheep back into his pen. Farmer Pay Byrne, who farms on 67 hectares of grass land, said he was trying to move the rams to another area when the confrontation took place.

Angry sheep rams Border Collie after intense stare-down on Irish farm


Border Collies try to herd animals but getting in front of livestock and staring the animal down to keep them in control with their motion.

Angry sheep rams Border Collie after intense stare-down


The footage shows Jim successfully ‘stalking’ the ram, which is six times heavier than him, before it charged at him.



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