Avenging Cat Delivers Sweet Justice to Kid Who Tried to Hurt It

Unless you’re the kind who is sick in the head, hurting animals with the sole purpose of inflicting harm is only done by savages. Not only is it wrong, but it’s also dangerous when the poor animals decide to fight back. This curious kid learned this the hard way when she tried to hurt a cat.

A cat was just trying to chill at a playground when it caught the attention of a curious little girl who decided to find out what would happen if she gave it a nice good kick.

Kicking Cat

Instead of scaring away the cat, the ferocious feline decided to fight back and chase the little girl away.

Cat Revenge

Clearly frightened from the attack, the little girl ran away but painfully faceplanted after falling from a ledge.

Cat Justice

Hope that teaches the kid a lesson about hurting defenseless animals.

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