Cocky MMA Fighter Makes a Fool Out of Himself After Nine-Second KO

Professional fighters should really know better than being too cocky when it comes to making an entrance before a match. If they can’t help it, they should at least have the ability to back up the kind of douchey attitude they put on display, unlike this guy, who totally made a fool out of himself for being too cocky before his fight.

According to the sports announcer, Jason R. Solomon “raps, flirt with girls and is one heck of a fighter.” Oh, and he’s one super cocky douchebag, too.

Jason Solomon

After making a flashy entrance to the cage, he gives his opponent Amitesh Chaubey a mocking look.

Cocky Look

Too bad the cocky bastard lasted only nine seconds before being knocked down to the floor and pummeled with hard shots to the head.

9 Sec KO


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