Pranksters Use the Power of The Force to Scare People in Epic Star Wars Prank

The Force is an omnipresent power that plays an essential role in the ‘Star Wars’ saga. It gives both the Jedi and the Sith the power of foresight, mind control and telekinesis among other things. While this may all be fiction, it’s a great concept to pull off an epic prank in a rather grand scale.

When Maybank issued a challenge to the folks from Malaysian YouTube channel Maxman.TV to do something beyond our universe. Known for pulling off daring stunts, social experiments and public pranks, they obliged and came up with the idea of a Star Wars themed prank.

Force Push

They assembled a large team of accomplices and had one person demonstrate the power of The Force at the busy Nu Sentral Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur amid stunned shoppers.

Power of The Force

Challenge completed.

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