Dude Goes Too Far with His Twisted ‘Killing Best Friend’ Prank

Playing pranks on your friends can be hilarious if done right. However, there is a fine line between funny and going too far, and one guy just crossed the line with his latest prank.

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YouTube user and former Big Brother ‘housemate’ Sam Pepper has gained notoriety for his controversial videos, and this time he may have crossed the line when he had someone’s best friend killed right before him.


With the best friend as an accomplice, they kidnap the poor victim in the middle of deserted street after a bit of ‘car trouble.’ He is then tied to a chair to witness his best friend murdered right in front of him with a gunshot to the head.


The prank has caused outrage among social media users and with good reason. Who would want to subject a friend to that kind of psychological trauma just for laughs?

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