MMA Fighter Takes Out Unstable Assailant with a Choke Hold in Restaurant Altercation

There are times when it pays to know how to handle a situation that requires a little bit of martial arts training. You may have to defend yourself, stop an assailant from inflicting harm and defuse the situation from further escalating. When one MMA fighter found himself in that kind of situation, it’s satisfying to watch how he handled it like a pro.

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Ryan Hall is known in MMA circles as a black belt instructor in the fine art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a highly decorated professional fighter. He found himself in an unfortunate situation when a belligerent customer approached his table and asked for a lighter.

Insane Customer

Things got out of hand when the man became violent after he was they were non-smokers and proceeded to threaten Hall. To stop the situation from further escalating, Hall decided he had to act quickly and delivered a rear naked choke hold to neutralize the threat.

Choke Hold

It’s quite impressive how the whole situation was handled without a single punch being throw, which really makes you think how useful it is to be an expert in a certain martial arts discipline.

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