Two Grannies Trash-Talk At Each Other After A Car Trip In This Hilarious Video

What should’ve been a pleasant end of the day for these two old ladies ended up being a hilarious war of words. Two grannies engage each other in a hilarious trash-talking battle–for us to enjoy!

Arriving at Ginga’s home, granmma asks her friend if she has the keys to get in, before telling her: “Now get the hell out.” The elderly woman quickly responded with:”I’ll be glad to get the hell out.”

Get The Hell Out Grandma

But Gramma continues, saying: “Now I have to shove your a** out.” She puts her hand on her friends bottom and give it a push as she gets out of the car. “Get your big a** out,” the wily old lady says. “Don’t tell me how to act,” the other lady replied in laughter.
Gramma Get The Hell Out

Now I want to be as foul-mouthed as these grandmas when I grow old.

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