Woman Escapes From A Fire And Gives The Best Live News Interview Ever

A woman is interviewed after escaping an apartment fire earlier in the day, she describes in detail what happened to her and her family during the blaze. But the way she describes it will make you laugh out loud.

Michelle Dobyne, who found humor in the whole situation, re-accounts the events of the terrible fire in the most hilarious way ever.

“Aw, man, the building is on fire,” Dobyne said. “I said ‘no, what?’ I got my three kids and we bounced out. Nuh-uh, we ain’t gon be in no fire. Not today.”

Best Live News Report Ever

This will be replayed all over the morning news, all over the internet–everywhere. Behold, the first meme of 2016.

Funny News Interview

I would definitely buy some audio books narrated by Michelle.

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