Crazy Drunk Doctor Who Tried to Hijack an Uber Ride Attacks Driver and Trashes His Car

We all had our embarrassing moments of intoxication in the past after having one too many, and these are events that we would rather forget, but I’m pretty sure the whole lot of you don’t have it worse than this girl who just completely lost it to an Uber driver.

Fourth year neurology resident Anjali Ramkissoon came out of nowhere and tried to hijack an Uber ride from people who were waiting at the Mary Brickell Village in Florida. Clearly intoxicated, she then attacked the driver after refusing to take her anywhere and proceeded to trash his car.

Crazy Drunk

To make matters worse, she even attempted to kick the police officers who arrived at the scene. Fortunately for her, the driver decided not to press charges after Ramkissoon’s desperate pleas and opted to take a cash settlement for the damages, claiming she would lose her medical license if she ever got arrested.

Trashing Car

Some people have no chill. At all.

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