Man Cleverly Upgrades a Primitive Cord Drill to a Pump Drill for Easier Fire Starting

If by an unfortunate twist of fate that you find yourself stuck in the middle of the wilderness, the first order of business is to try and stay alive and this is where your survival skills will come in handy. After finding shelter, your next priority will be starting a fire to keep warm.

We pretty much have a general idea of how to start a fire using your hands. However, the problem with this is it takes a lot of effort, which can injure your hands, and it doesn’t get easier when you need to start one again.

By Hand

The same resourceful dude who built a mud house with his bare hands demonstrates how to build a more advanced, albeit still primitive fire-starting contraption using a cord and a fly wheel made of stone.

Cord Drill

And in an attempt to just show off his stone age MacGyver skills, he even builds an upgraded version using a pump to rotate the spindle and making it easier to start a fire or drill holes when needed.

Pump Drill

He makes surviving in the wilderness look so easy.

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