Best Buds Cleverly Sneak into Movie Theater Disguised as One Fat Dude

Watching cartoons back when we were kids showed us how two or more individuals can disguise themselves into looking like one person to fool their way into achieving their goals. Nobody in their right minds would think this would work in real life, but two best friends attempted this silly trick to find out if they could pull it off.

Bo and Matthew tried to find the most effective way to hide the other and diguise themselves to look like one person. They spent time in the backyard to figure it out, and soon discovered that carrying one in front under a shirt was the perfect position.

Two for One

Looking like an overweight man with a massive gut, the two friends tested their human fat suit disguise and tried walking into a movie theater paying for one. Worked like a charm.

Buying Tickets

This will probably work at live concerts or music festivals, too.

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