Watch Incredible Footage of Polluted Lake Bursting Into FLAMES After Fisherman Accidentally Set Water Alight

This is the shocking moment a highly polluted lake bursts into flames as a fisherman lights the top of the water.

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The video was uploaded onto YouTube by a Thai news outlet. The footage shows two fishermen on a boat looking into the water, which has a greenish tinge to it.
Fisherman gets shocked when lake burst into flame
One of the men puts his hand in the water but quickly jumps back as a burst of flames appears and the water sets on fire. Incredibly, it continues to burn for almost a minute as the cameraman films the jaw-dropping scenes.
lake continues to burn
It eventually goes out but the water still continues to boil as the man attempts to set it alight again with his lighter. The shocking video was apparently taken in Thailand, but the location of the water is not known.

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