The Weird Viral Trend Continues: Watch As Straight Women Touch Each Other For The Very First Time

You’ve seen gay men touching a vagina for the first time, lesbians touching a penis for the very first time and now, it’s all led to this; straight women touching a straight woman’s vajayjay for the first time…

After the great success of their previous genital touching videos, the YouTube channel, Freakin’ Original, are capitalizing on their gained NSFW fame, and have delivered another (and hopefully last) installment of the series.

Woman Touch Vagina

This time, straight woman touch other women’s vaginas for the very first time. So, what happens when heterosexual women touch another heterosexual woman’s flower? Will they be disgusted? Aroused? Disgusted and aroused?

Touching The V For The First Time

At some point they will run out of ideas and film something like–Straight Men Touching Straight Woman’s Vagina…

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