30-Police Car Chase Ends With A Really Hilarious And Bizarre News Interview With A Super High Dude

The news media has certainly changed. In fact, it would seem there now exists the “post-chase interview” in which the criminal gets a chances to explain how the police chase went for them. Yup, that’s a thing.

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Jonathan Davis, a 26-year-old man from Hendersonville, TN, got arrested after an hour-long, high-speed chase that reportedly involved 30 patrol cars. After the daring chase, that stretched across 3 counties, the news crew decided to interview the suspect.

High Guy Interview

Davis explains that he ran because he had marijuana on him. “I’m done with people trying to take my freedom because I smoke weed,” Davis told a reporter from KCEN-TV. Minutes after his captures, he explained the he was using Snapchat and Instagram during the chase.

Suspects Gets Interviewed After Car Chase

They see me rollin’… They haitin’

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