‘Haunted’ Digital Painting Terrifies the Crap Out of Unsuspecting Victims in Scare Prank

Portraits coming to life like those seen inside Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has already come into existence thanks to digital decorations company AtmosFEARfx. What better way to use them than pranking people into thinking it’s actually haunted?

The folks from YouTube channel JasonRoseteFilm made good use of a digital portrait of a zombie that comes to life by pranking pizza delivery guys.

Falling Book

They set up the eerie scene by leaving the pizza guy at the door alone with a nice portrait of a lady leaning against a wall. Things start to get creepy when objects near him start moving by themselves: a small horse starts rocking by itself and a book falls to the floor. Then, out of nowhere, this happens:

Haunted Portrait

That’s a totally legit way to accidentally crap in your pants.

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