Is Your Speed Enough To Outrun A Fart? Here’s Why You’ll Never Beat It!

We all just want to escape that lovely smell! Find out how speedy farts can go.

This is not about how or why we fart, but whether we can outrun a fart’s smell if we wanted to.
usain bolt
The easy answer is that outrunning farts is near impossible. Even Usain Bolt, the video explains, wouldn’t be able to outrun the sound of a particularly loud fart he had produced even if he wanted to. He might be gone before you’d know it was him, but he’d certainly hear the sound of the fart escaping as he high-tailed it out of the room.
speed of smell
But the issue of smell makes it more complicated. It’s not just totally because of the fart, but also because of our noses. Moreover, ASAP Science points out that the “smelliest” part of the fart moves at more than 243 meters per second, meaning that we can’t really escape, we can just hope our noses aren’t sensitive.

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