Epic Fail: Guy with Samurai Sword Slices a Can Held by His Friend

Stupid human stunts on video litter the Internet, but they’re not really considered garbage if viewers find even a minuscule value of entertainment. And by that, I mean something that you can make you facepalm and shake your head. These two guys might just be in the Guinness World of Bumbling Idiots when it comes down to it.

Probably driven by intoxication (because who in his right mind would do this anyway?), two rocket scientists guys decided to cut a can in half with one holding it with his bare hands and his friend slicing it with a samurai sword. And if that isn’t stupid enough, they filmed it for the all world to see. At this point, you know where this is going.

Samurai Slice

After hitting the can with his samurai sword strike, you’ll witness an epic herp derp moment worthy of being viral.

Herp Derp

I was surprised there were no fingers falling to the floor.

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