This Bully Gets Taken Down In This Bathroom Brawl

Nothing is more satisfying to watch than a bully getting a taste of his own medicine.

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We’re a little uncertain though, if he’s really just a bully or if he had acceptable reasons, but he was bigger and he threw the first punch, so yeah.
a bully in the bathroom
In the clip, a man in a gray sleeveless shirt, the one we assume to be the bully, punches another man in a black shirt. They seem to be alone in the bathroom, except of course for the camera guy. As to what reason this bully have to punch the poor guy, we are clueless. He continues to punch and beat the shorter guy and even kicked him several times.
bully gets put down hard
The shorter guy’s hold must have been hard as you can see the bully’s shirt tore off. He was cornered and was continuously beaten up until he decided to fight back. It was a good call for him, even if he was shorter, he managed to put down the bully hard on the floor.

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