Stunt Gone Wrong: Drunk Guy Chops His Friend’s Nose Off in a Failed Sword Trick

It doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to work out that playing with sharp objects when intoxicated is a huge no-no. It’s common sense. But apparently, a lot of people don’t have it. A couple of drunk guys decided not to listen to reason and did a sword trick that failed miserably—and in a whole lot of pain.

One guy held a kielbasa in his mouth while the other a long sword with the intention to slice the sausage thinking this was a neat party trick they could pull off in front of their friends. Well, obviously they were dead wrong.

Sword Trick

In move that would make Godzilla do a facepalm, the guy accidentally cut his friend’s nose off.

Nose Cut

I guess one of them wouldn’t be able to smell how delicious a kielbasa is.

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