Watch This Skinny Japanese Girl Destroy a Massive Bowl of Noodles with Rice

I’m sure a lot of woman would love to eat whatever they want and as much as they want without gaining weight, making this skinny Japanese big eater the envy of many.

Yuka Kinoshita has gained fame on her YouTube channel by being a big eater. And when I say big, I mean massive. In this clip, she attempted to devour a large bowl of ramen from Singapore accompanied by an equally gigantic bowl of rice. Yuka is gifted with an unusual eating ability that can make women wish she was her.

Noodles + Rice

After taking care of most of the noodles and the toppings, Yuka mixed in the rice and added parmesan to make her dish more delectable and easier for her to finish.

Noodle Rice Combo

Makes you think how much she expels on the other end.

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