Metallica’s “One” Gets the Ukulele Treatment in This Spectacular Cover

The first thing that comes to mind when we see a ukulele is the sound tropical island music. This miniature guitar-like instrument from Hawaii has gained much popularity around the world for its size and easy playability. The sound coming from it takes you to the beaches of Oahu, giving you a calm and relaxing groove as you sway to the music. How would you imagine it playing a heavy metal song? Inconceivable? Prepare to be flabbergasted.

YouTube user and ukulele player extraordinaire Ukes of Hazzard covered Metallica’s award-winning hit song “One” in not one but five versions all at once.

One Uke Cover

He played all the instruments in the song, including the vocals part, because playing just one would be too easy.

Ukes of Hazzard

This guy has some serious ukulele chops.

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