This Guy Throws A Bullet Into Molten Aluminum For The Heck Of It

Curiosity is good to have when it comes to learning about this world’s many wonders, but some people just take it too far.

Take for example this crazy YouTube channel called “The Backyard Scientist,” and as you guessed it — this dude does insane science experiments in his own backyard.

The Backyard Scientist

After using a torch to make a bullet explode in his backyard, his sense of curiosity wasn’t satisfied just yet. So he wanted to find out what would happen if he threw a bullet at molten metal.

Melting Aluminum

And the results are explosive! Do NOT try this at home, people. (but if you do, make sure to record it in super-slow motion)

Tossing Bullets Into Molten Aluminum

Honestly, I’m surprised this dude still has grass.

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