9 Reasons Why Big B**bs Are Bad For The Summer Presented By The Lovely Mhia Kalifa

Having a large rack may seem like a lot of fun, but it can also be a struggle especially when the summer months come in.

The big boob struggle couldn’t be more real for the lovely Mia Khalifa, let her educate you with the main reasons why having a set of melons just sucks for the summer.
Mhia Khalifa Explains Why Big Breasts Are Bad In The Summer

Because the heat of the summer sun makes your boobs sweat…

Boobs Sweat

Oh, and tanning face down is impossible…
Laying Face Down Is Hard

And you can’t even eat ice cream without creeps looking at you silly. What a drag.

Big Boobs And Ice Cream Don't Mix

I swear I remember having pants on before the video started….

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