Chilling Video Shows A Woman Drinking Poisoned Coffee Planted By College Roommate

CCTV footage from a coffee shop in Indonesia shows the chilling a moment a woman drinks coffee laced with cyanide.

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Mirna Salihin was with her husband, catching up with an old roommate from her college years, Jessica Wongso. She is seen wearing orange with the victim, sitting next to her on the right.

Victim Seen Sitting Next To Murderer

CCTV captured part of the incident. Salihin takes a sip of her drink and the poison is immediately felt. A crowd gathers around her as the awful effects of the cyanide takes action.

Crowd Gathers As Woman Feels The Effects Of Cyanide

The staff of the coffee shop later rushed to Salihin’s aide. What makes thing worse, it’s suspect that Wongso masterminded the whole thing out of jealousy.

Coffee Shop Staff Carry Her Out

Wow. That was something straight out of a crime show.

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