This Magnetic Putty Attaching Itself to Different Objects Is Weirdly Fascinating to Watch

Playing with putty was so much fun, well, back when we were mere toddlers. I remember it feeling good in my tiny little hands while I turn it into different shapes, with some kids even putting it in their mouths. While they were all fun and rather tasty, grown ups have a different version of it. Introducing, the magnetic putty.

One quick look at the magnetic putty and you’ll see nothing special about it but its shiny surface. It even behaves like the putty of old. But if it comes in contact with a magnetic field, it comes alive.

Magnetic Putty

The magnetic field breathes life to it like a Frankenstein putty, moving by itself and attaching to anything metallic.

Putty Magnet

With A.I. and cybernetics, the T-1000 is getting closer to reality.

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