Professional Dunker Leaves NBA Legends Shocked with Epic Dunk Show in Rio

It takes a lot of talent to impress an NBA star, and probably even more for a legend of the game, but one guy who doesn’t even play in the league has what it takes to do it.

Canadian Jordan ‘Mission Impossible’ Kilganon is a professional dunker who rose to fame for his spectacular viral dunks on YouTube. During the Rio Olympics, he once again showcased his incredible dunking skills at the NBA House, leaving NBA legends Glen Rice and Gary Payton with their jaws to the floor.

Behind the Back

The 6’1″ dunker defied gravity and delivered an incredible array of dunks, including his signature Scorpion Dunk, even asking The Glove to assist him in a few of them that ultimately brought the house down.

The Glove

Payton’s reaction is absolute gold.

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