This ‘Bad Lip’ Reading Of The Democratic National Convention Makes Politics Better

If the US presidential race hasn’t felt bizarre enough for you, the latest installment of the YouTube series “Bad Lip Reading” make it even stranger.

In this video, hilarious voice-overs of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and more rev up the crowd with things they (hopefully) never really said.
DNC Bad Lip Reading

Highlights of the video include Chelsea Clinton giving shout outs to her gal pals, Hillary talking about man-servants (which she probably does have) — and Sanders ranting about Batman and Robin.

Hillary Clinton Has Man Servants

But the best quote had to be from Michele Obama, saying, “There’s only one person who I believe can drink koala venom and pass the Neverland test, and that’s our friend, Hickory Nick!”

Best Quote Ever

This makes way more sense than the actual DNC.

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