Dude Wakes Up Next To A Bangkok “Lady Boy” — His Reaction Is Just Priceless

His girlfriend got mad that he passed during their Bangkok holiday, so she decided to give him a little scare.

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After wandering through the area she found a transgender woman (more affectionately referred to as “Lady Boys”) to help her play a cruel prank on him.
When the boyfriend wakes up, he appears to be confused as a woman was stroking his arm while lying on the bed next to him saying, “Wake up. Come on, last night was fun, let’s do it again.”

He Wakes Up Next To A Lady Boy

The dude, clearly shocked, asked where his girlfriend was — to which the ladyboy replied, while holding a used condom, “I don’t know, it’s just me here. And we did it.”
She Holds Up A Used Condom

Still, in disbelief, he shouts — “No, f***ing way. No, go away,” as he pushes the ladyboy out of his room before collapsing on the bed in a total disbelief.

He Falls To The Bed In Sheer Disbelief

Eventually, his girlfriend comes out from the wardrobe and told him it was all an innocent (but very cruel) prank.

His Girlfriend Comes Out And Tells It Was All A Prank

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