Pit Bull Savagely Attacks Beagle, Injuring Its Owner While Trying to Save Her Pet

Pet owners treat their beloved animals as family, so when threatened, they will always do everything to protect them.

Warning: distressing images

Harrowing footage shows a pit bull savagely attacking a beagle on the streets of Boston, with its owner sustaining injuries while trying to save her pet.

Pit Bull Attack

The pit bull managed to sink its teeth in the beagle’s neck, prompting the horrified woman to jump in and rescue her dog, leaving her bloodied and bruised in the attack. Concerned onlookers wrestled with the vicious canine and managed to pull the dogs apart, stopping the attack from escalating further. Luckily, both beagle and owner did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

Assaulted Beagle

The pit bull owner claims he got punched in the face, triggering his dog to defend him and attack the smaller dog. Pet owners should really be more responsible in keeping their pets in check.

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