Incredible Fisherman Spears Fish From the Bottom of the Sea on Just One Breath

It takes a lot of training to learn how to scuba dive, but it takes a lot more to hold your breath for five minutes while diving and spear fishing in deep waters. And for the Bajau people of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, it is what they’re born to do. These sea gypsies fish for food, and they get accustomed to the water from the day they are born.

Sulbin is a Bajau free diver. He hunts for fish at the bottom of the ocean using only a spear and a pair of handmade goggles. But what’s special about him is he does this with only one breath of air.


He dives for 20 meters to reach the ocean floor and hunts fish for his catch of the day. He walks with no weights attached to him as he shoots fish with his spear gun, while holding his breath for minutes at a time.

Spear FishingHe says he can even go deeper and stay down longer—around five minutes—than the two minutes he spent on this dive. That is just absolutely amazing.

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