Watch These Guys Use Guns to Shoot Balls in the Most Dangerous Game of Billiards

Playing a game of billiards at the local bar or truck stop may be as American as a juicy hamburger, but these folks think it’s not American enough, so they modified the game a bit.

YouTube channel DemolitionRanch has been dishing out entertaining videos focused on firearms aimed at gun enthusiasts (see what I did there?). This time, Matt invited a few friends to play a nice game of billiards. But instead of using cue sticks, they used—you guessed it—guns.


After shattering the cue ball, they replaced it with a baseball, which was more functional for the bullets to not go through. Despite the table tilting on one side, both teams tried to work it to their advantage. Matt even made a sneaky play on one of the ladies. However, his team lost, so he had to jump into a nearby creek as a consequence.


This may all look fun for gun enthusiasts, but it’s still dangerous AF to play. Kids, do not try this at home.

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