Watch What Happens When Horror Fans Are Locked Inside A Room With A “Real Ghost”

What happens when a group of horror fans are locked in a room with a ghost?

That very situation seemingly happened to an unfortunate bunch of horror fans during a book launch in London. The book fans went for a reading with the author, and as his haunting story is told, strange movements in the room started to happened as a wandering figure brushes against their backs.

That’s when an apparent “ghost” appears right before their eyes. The audience, apart from one brave dude on the front row, makes a dash for the back door, but that’s when they realized the door was locked! You can clearly see the sheer shock and fear on their faces.

We don’t know if these were actual people, or just actors. But it still pretty damn entertaining to watch!


That guy who sat in his chair and didn’t leave is a legend.

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