Shocking Road Rage Woman Wielding A Baseball Bat Chases Man

This is the shocking moment a husband and wife were caught on camera wielding a baseball bat and kicking a car in a violent street attack.

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Jasmine and Basharat Hussain, both 33, can be seen confronting the victim, who is forced to flee the scene when the woman chases him with a baseball bat. He was known to the couple and had arranged to sell his Volkswagen Golf and parked by a Santander bank in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, on August 24 this year.
The couple drove past in their car before parking behind the man’s vehicle. Basharat Hussain got out, ran towards the other car and struggled with the victim before kicking his vehicle and breaking the wing mirror as he fled. His wife also ran over with a baseball bat held above her head with both hands.
The court heard that an estimated £300 of damage was caused to the victim’s car, which had since been paid for by Basharat Hussain.

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