Satirical Short Film Uses Dark Comedy to Depict the Consequences of Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban on Mexicans

With U.S. President-elect Donald Trump about to stay true to his promise about more strict immigration laws, the Mexicans give their unique twist on the drama that’s about to unfold.

A satirical short film with a dark imaginative take on Trump’s immigration plan focuses on the deportation of Mexicans by shooting them over a wall along the border with a giant murderous robot crushing all those who oppose.


Mexican-born film director Ali Damiani helmed this dark, oppressive and yet hilarious depiction of how Trump’s government would impact those affected. The short film is entitled ‘M.A.M.O.N.,’ which stands for Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide, and features an epic fight involving a giant robot controlled by the man himself and a variety of jokes revolving around the Latino culture.


Of course, it didn’t end well for The Donald.

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