Man Films Footage of Harrowing Experience Abord an Aircraft Forced to Make an Emergency Landing

For some, flying in an aircraft can be terrifying. You really can’t blame them. A lot of things go through their heads as they fly in jet speeds thousands of feet high up in the air while trapped inside a large elongated tube with wings. And with recent air disasters shocking the world, flying can be pretty stressful, especially if you go through the motions of preparing for an emergency landing.

British passenger Ethan Williams was on a plane flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at night in the middle of the ocean.

Emergency Landing

He caught the entire tense ordeal on camera, as he put on his life jacket and prepared for an emergency landing. Fortunately, the captain found a way to land on a military base near Alaska instead of a water landing.

Normal Landing

Turns out the plane’s cooling system failed and smoke had filled the cockpit. Good thing the flight crew managed to keep it together.

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