This Dude Tries To Get His Tinder Date “High” And Shows You How To Ditch A Gold Digger Like A Boss

Her reaction when she sees the blow up doll = priceless.

Ryan Hamilton is otherwise known as HammyTV. He’s a YouTube filmmaker who makes videos for his channel that are either silly pranks or social experiments, shedding light on a particular subject. This, his latest stunt, is kind of like a mixture of the two.
High in placebo effect
It’s a vaping prank that starts off about the placebo effect, but then becomes about uncovering a gold digger. The premise is simple. Ryan’s set up a fake Tinder account where he lures girls with the promise of a free smoke. The idea is that he offers them a vape that has cannabis oil in it. Only the oil doesn’t contain weed at all. The effect is still real, though – at least to the girls!
Woman negotiates rate per hour
He’s done these videos before, but this one? He picks up a gold digger that has to be see to be believe. And boy does she get crazy! She starts negotiating about her rate per hour, and that was enough to freak out a guy. She stepped out of the car with the intention of getting back, but Ryan Hamilton ditched her as soon as he got the chance.

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