Men Drives Through Tunnel Of Flames To Escape As Wildfire Rips Through Mountain Town

A terrifying video taken at the front line of a killer wildfire shows it tearing through a mountainside village.

Facebook user Michael Luciano posted a series of videos as he and a companion raced from their home in a 4×4 car surrounded by the inferno.
He filmed their heart-stopping descent as they drove through searing blazes that ripped through dozens of homes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The full five-minute video begins with Michael telling the driver to turn around as they hit a dead-end. But things get increasingly more desperate as their car heaves over fallen trees and comes within feet of huge blazes that have swallowed homes in what he calls Chalet Village – understood to be a cabin rental business.
He sounds increasingly frightened as the fire appears to close in on the road. Then, in even more frightening scenes, the car gets stuck behind a fallen tree. Fortunately, Michael and his companions managed to escape the blaze.

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