Stomach-Churning Footage Shows Helicopter Makes An Epic Landing On A Moving Ship

Stomach-churning footage has emerged showing a helicopter pilot’s incredible bravery as he manages to land a chopper on a moving ship battling gale-force winds and huge waves.

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Shot during the Ship Helicopter Operating Limits trials for the Danish Navy and Air Force with their new MH-60R helicopter on HDMS Vædderen in October this year.
Skilled pilot Craig Matthews pulls up alongside the moving ship before lining up behind it and sticking the amazing landing off the coast of the Faroe Islands.
Having waited for the perfect moment, the chopper eases onto the landing platform in the awful weather conditions. The exhibition was commissioned by Prism Defence, which was formed in 2004, and consists of a team of highly-skilled test pilots, flight test engineers, and other ship and aviation engineering specialists.

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