Man Almost Falls to His Death in Record Tightrope Walk

Extreme activities have very high risks, and these could lead to fatal consequences. One man almost fell to his death when he almost slip in his attempt to break the world record in the longest freesolo tightrope walk ever done.

Highwire walker Spencer Seabrook lost his footing while crossing a line in a disaster that almost ended his life in the worst possible manner.

Tightrope Disaster

He would’ve dropped 290 meters down to the ground in a messy heap of broken bones in the mountains of Squamish, British Columbia if he didn’t hold on to the line and quickly regain his composure.

Tightrope Record

The 26-year old adrenaline junkie still managed to cross to the other side, beating the previous record by 7 meters in one terrifying attempt.

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