Woman Refuses To Shift Her Car Which Is Blocking In An Exasperated Van Driver Then Walks Away Leaving Him Trapped

A bizarre parking row was caught on camera in which a woman refused to move her car parked just millimetres from a van.

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The footage, filmed by the van owner, shows the front of a black car touching the back of his van despite there being a huge gap behind the car. The van owner asks the owner of the car, a woman, to move her vehicle but she refuses.
woman refuse to move her car
Exasperated the man starts shouting at the woman. ‘Get your car off my van,’ he demands to which the woman strangely replies ‘call the police’. The van is completely blocked in by the car as there is a lamppost in front and its owner gets increasingly annoyed. He asks again if the woman will move her car and she replies ‘Just call the police that’s fine they can sort it out.’
woman refuse to move her car and leave van trapped
So confused by the situation, the man says ‘Am I in the Twilight zone?’ The strange 23-second clip has been posted on Facebook.

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